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Meet the Team

Candles and Wood

Kimberly Autry
Owner | Sister

Shonda Manigault
Owner | Sister

At the heart of this enchanting journey stands sisters, Kimberly Autry and Shonda Manigault, true artisans with a passion for creating exquisite candles and perfume that illuminate not just spaces, but also the lives of those who embrace their warm, flickering glow.

Armed with boundless creativity, an unwavering commitment to quality, and an innate sense of style, Kimberlyand Shonda have established themselves as a beacon in the realm of handcrafted candles and perfume. They believe every scent should tell a story and radiate an aura of pure delight.

As esteemed candle and perfume making workshop instructors, Kimberly and Shonda share their expertise and unwavering passion with others, guiding aspiring artisans through the fascinating process of candle and perfume making. With a gentle and patient approach, they empower individuals to unleash their own creativity, unveiling hidden talents and nurturing a newfound appreciation for the beauty of handcrafted candles and perfume.

Step into Scented Studios and embark on this illuminating journey with Kimberly and Shonda and allow their scents to transform your space into a sanctuary of serenity and beauty.

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